What states are the best for retirement? Take a look

Planning for retirement requires proper planning and time to be successful. However, some of that planning can still be fun. Who hasn’t daydreamed about where they want to retire?

been overlooked?

What are some of the best states to retire? WalltetHub.com recently ranked the best and worst state to retire based on a litany of specifications, which you can get a breakdown on in this CNBC interactive graphic

There is a lot of data and the graphic is fun to peruse, but what are the findings?

According to WalletHub, you’re not going to find many surprises at the very top. Florida still ranks as the best state to retire with Colorado coming in 2nd. New Hampshire comes in at third place with Utah and Wyoming rounding out the top five.

Pennsylvania came in a respectable 13th with Delaware coming in at number 5. Maryland, New York, and New Jersey all rank poorly at 40th, 42nd, and 47th, respectively.

Who comes in last? Kentucky.

Read more and get more information at the CNBC.com websit.