The right financial guidance feels comfortably like home

You are building your business or career and want to put the money you’ve accumulated toward building your future. Maybe you’re climbing the corporate ladder and need a higher degree of financial guidance. Or perhaps you’re retired and want help with balancing the monthly income you need with making your money last.

At Steel Valley Wealth Strategies, we provide homegrown financial guidance to the good families and individuals of Lehigh Valley and beyond. We find great fulfillment in helping them pursue their goals and find financial well-being for themselves and their loved ones.

Dynamic thinking makes a difference

We haven’t helped our clients succeed in the management of their financial affairs by espousing general advice. In fact, we consider ourselves architects of your financial life, personally consulting with you prior to employing hand-selected strategies with the intent of meeting your financial goals. Best-fit investment ideas come from collaboration and truly knowing our clients – and that’s what you’ll find here.