Our clients are the center of our attention

We work with people throughout Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and New Jersey. They include multigenerational families, business owners and their employees, educators and corporate executives, as well as young professionals just beginning to plan for the future.

Our clients have many goals in life and want to know that they are on track, but the idea of managing their financial matters on their own is overwhelming or, frankly, uninspiring. They have neither the time nor the desire to develop their own financial plans and deal with all the complexities of managing their investments.

They recognize the value in having knowledgeable advisors with whom they can be comfortable, and who deliver personalized service and trusted financial guidance. The McLean team is here for them, to provide the assistance they seek for preserving their capital while potentially generating sufficient growth and income, either to enjoy retirement now or to plan for the future.

Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.
Charles F. Kettering